Welcome To Handi Indian Restaurant

"Handi brings a new dining experience to South Carolina.flavors of long-forgotten Northwest frontiers of India.

The restaurant offers a vary spacious, yet highly contemporary interior. The atmosphere as a whole does indeed satisfy the yearnings of a mind bent toward whimsical creativity.

A passionate team of servers and chefs, who believe in absolute perfection, help to enhance your dining experience to a higher degree of satisfaction, a true feast for all five senses.

Become enchanted by the Handi dining experience.. Succulent entrees, drenched in flavorful Indian spices... A rarified cuisine, coupled with a complementing beer and wine list, is what Handi offers...

The concept of Handi cooking is years and years old and has been passed from generation to generation to India. Handi means an earthen round pot in which cooking of curries takes place on slow fire. Handi comes in different shapes and sizes, but the main features are common to all i.e., thick bottom to ensure that the food does not stick and consequently burn. It is world known fact that when food is cooked on a slow fire, its natural characteristic flavour, aroma and taste are all preserved to the maximum extent. "